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Unfair Dismissal Fair Work Commission Appearances

The saying goes 'a man who represents himself has a fool for a client', but in the modern times, people are more inclined to be spurred on by the masses of people willing to egg them on from the 'peanut gallery' we know as social media.

For that reason, I thought it might be useful to offer some tips in relation to appearances at the Fair Work Commission.

Unfair Dismissal Appeal Fair Work Commission Applications and Representation by Industrial Advocates
Image sourced: Fair Work Commission website

There are standards for the conduct of all people attending a hearing or conference at the Commission. 

The standards help the Commission to provide fair hearings for all parties. 

Providing fair hearings involves allowing all parties to put their case forward, and to have their case determined impartially and according to law. 

The Commission and all parties appearing before it, including representatives, have responsibilities to each other and in providing a fair hearing for all participants. 

When coming to the Commission: 

  • it is important to arrive early for the conference or hearing because proceedings begin on time 
  • notify the Commission staff upon arrival by approaching them in the hearing or conference room 
  • if delayed it is important that contact is made with the appropriate Commission staff before the hearing is due to start 
  • switch off your mobile phone or other electronic devices in the hearing or conference room
  • address the Member of the Commission by his or her title (eg Deputy President or Commissioner) 
  • in a hearing, stand when addressing the Member of the Commission or to question a witness, and 
  • bring enough copies of documents so everyone involved can have a copy (eg three copies: one to keep, one for the other party and one for the Member).
At least twice per week Workers First receives that last minute request for assistance in unfair dismissal proceedings that were initiated without regard for the confrontation and challenges ahead, now finding themselves in the crosshairs of a boss threatening to sue for costs if you lose the battle.

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