Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Non-genuine Redundancy

We all like to think that our employment contracts will be treated with the respect and dignity due to us as workers, sadly though, there is a growing trend amongst employers that might lead a reasonable person to believe that the respect and dignity due to us, is not considered with equal due regard by employers looking to terminate employment contracts.

The trend amongst employers who have an appetite for termination of employment contracts by any means appears to a trend that has moved the use of redundancy like procedures that end in the worker being without a substantive position and the employer having achieved the goal of unfairly dismissing the work under the cloak of redundancy, albeit for non-genuine reasons.

There are a few steps that must be met by the employer in this regard and they include;

  1. Consultation with the employees whose position is proposed to be made redundant, with a genuine intention to allow the worker an opportunity to propose alternatives and for those alternatives to be genuinely considered by the employer, and
  2. Genuine effort to discover redeployment opportunities, and
  3. Exploration of all opportunities with related entities.
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