Thursday, 3 December 2015

24 Hour Assistance

In the modern workplace, it is necessary for workers to have access to advice as often as possible.

Workers First is responding to the latest trend amongst employers who are delivering show cause notices and dismissal notices after hours, leaving working to feel frustrated and worried until the next business day when they hope to speak with a representative.

In unfair dismissal cases particularly, every minute counts and where there are matters requiring considered responses such as show cause disciplinary matters, workers with material for their respective representatives to consider need access to their representatives to make the magic happen.

For these reasons, Workers First encourages our members and clients to use the 0434WORKER (0434 967 537) on call number to make contact in matters such as unfair dismissal.

Prison Officers, Police, Immigration, Detention and Security workers and a whole range of other industry shift workers have a genuine need to touch base during these hours and we strongly encourage it in matters of genuine urgency.

Remember, you will need to join Workers First to enjoy the full benefits of industrial advocacy and representation, it is not compulsory, but it's highly recommended to ensure you get effective and efficient advocacy and representation when you need it most and for just $1 a day, it's more affordable than anything else in the market.

Non members of Workers First will be charged for services they use in the event advocacy and representation is required. 

Join Workers First General Membership Today for Just $1 a Day.

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